Why was the Albania-EU Energy Efficiency Centre (EEC) Created?

The improvement in the supply security, the reduction of the energy consumption in industry, the increasing of energy efficiency in the buildings, the reduction and control on energy losses, and significant economic and environmental gains that will result from the implementation of such measures are very important for the reconstruction of the Albanian Economy and for improvement of the living standard of the population.

The primary emphasis of Albanian Energy Policy must be on the effort to reduce the energy consumption through actions and measures to increase the efficiency in energy production, conservation of conventional energy resources and a greater utilization of renewable energy resources.

The Albania-EU Energy Efficiency Centre (EEC) began as an action under the SYNERGY Programme in April 1993 and in November 1995 the Albanian Government adopted it and established it as a Foundation under the Albanian law. EEC is a Non Governmental and Non Profit making Organization that was inaugurated on November 1, 1996. By establishing EEC, the Albanian Government has fulfilled part of its commitment under "The Protocol of the Energy Charter Treaty for Energy Efficiency and the Environmental Aspects concerned with it", which Albania signed in 1995.

The long-term aim of EEC is to become a self-financed organization through providing services in the field of the rational use of energy and its involvement in various programmes and activities. EEC has received direct support until the year 2000 through annual co-financing agreements between SYNERGY Programme and Albanian Government.

EEC is collaborating with other countries to improve the energy efficiency of the Albanian economy and to protect the environment. EEC promotes the efficient use of energy and provides the technical and other expertise to make this possible. It also promotes the use of renewable energy sources, which besides having a lower environmental impact, reduce the rate of depletion of conventional fuels.

Now EEC has become a self-financed institution with continuing support from the Albanian Government and European Commission.

Consolidation of the Albania-EU Energy Efficiency Centre (EEC)

Since 1995, with the support of SYNERGY Programme and Albanian Government, EEC has been able to build up its own reputation and face successfully the first phase - The Foundation and Consolidation of EEC. Now, EEC is facing another big challenge, securing its survival. After these years of activity, the positive factors in EECís work are:

  • EEC has already established a very good reputation of its own name. Several Albanian and Foreign Partners wish to work with EEC,
  • EEC has now a qualified staff and it has build very good connections and co-operation links with similar institutions and consultancies inside Albania and abroad,
  • EEC disposes a reach inventory of measuring instruments and other equipment, and has the necessary skills to carry out professional Energy Surveys and Audits,
  • EEC has gained reach experience through the implementation, alone or in partnership with others institutions, of several small and medium scale Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Projects,
  • EEC operates in well refurbished offices that provide excellent working conditions,
  • Several project proposals are under discussion or preparation and the EEC is participating together with other partners in several projects launched by the European Commission.

The challenges EEC has to face are:

  • The consolidation of EECís institutional framework which would allow the necessary conditions for a normal operation as well as remain integrated and devoted to the needs of the country in the field of Efficient Use of Energy and Utilization of Renewable Energy Sources.
  • The continues consolidation of its own reputation in the field of Efficient Use of Energy and Renewable Energy,
  • The adoption of a realistic Human Resources Policy that fits to the ever changing situation of the country.

EEC has kept its objectives as stated from the beginning of its activities:

  • The Promotion of the Efficient Use of Energy, Exploitation of Renewable Energy Resources, Energy Conservation and Energy Management in Albania, with particular regard towards environmental issues,
  • The increase and strength of the co-operation between different Albanian Institutions that work in the Energy Field, and between Albania and other countries,
  • The organization of different training seminars in order to transfer the know-how in the above mentioned fields,
  • The launch of different Public Awareness Campaigns for the Promotion of Efficient Use of Energy in various sectors of the Albanian economy,
  • Implementation of a Large Number of Projects for Promotion of Exploitation of Renewable Energy Resources.

In the fulfillment of such objectives EEC has to face important difficulties like misuse of electricity, non payment and non-technical losses of electricity which paralyze all the incentives for the Efficient Use of Energy.